Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brian doesn't Tweet here anymore.

Hi all,

Believe it or not, more podcasts are coming. In fact, I'm putting the finishing touches on THREE new editions. But I wanted to post this quick word about the Flux twitter account.

The FluxBooks account was started by my Esteemed Predecessor and, initially, he was the only one using it. Lately, I've been sharing tweeting duties with the good folks in our marketing and publicity departments. Unfortunately, with mulitple tweeters (tweeties?), it becomes difficult to tell who is saying what.

So, in the interest of making sure you know when you're getting info from me and when you're getting info from others, I will no longer be tweeting @fluxbooks. I've started my own account @EyeOnFlux. I'll be the only person using this new account so you'll know that (unless hackers steal my password and begin sending you news that you've won the British lottery) anything said there comes from me directly.


To recap: Brian, Flux's editor, is no longer tweeting @fluxbooks (but PLEASE continue to follow that account because they will tweet more frequently than I and will have TONS of interesting stuff to say) and will now be tweeting @EyeOnFlux. Both accounts (I imagine) will post updates as to when new podcasts are posted.

And, seriously, they're almost done. I mean it.