Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eye on Flux: April 2009 Edition

Overview: Our inaugural podcast! We set the stage for this new series of podcasts to discuss upcoming Flux titles, the world of YA, and anything else the editor feels like talking about.

Interview: Susan Fine, author of INITIATION

We sat down for a talk with Susan Fine to discuss how her background as a teacher at a private school influenced the world she created in INITIATION.

For more information, check out Susan Fine's website.

Available on Amazon, Borders,, Powells, and Flux

Lucienne Diver, author of VAMPED

We chatted with Lucienne about her debut YA book and how her work as a writer informs the work she does as a literary agent.

For more information, check out Lucienne Diver's website.

Available on Amazon, Borders,, Powells, and Flux

Send us your questions! Ask us your Burning Questions about Flux, the world of publishing, our authors, etc. and if we answer your question on the podcast, we’ll send you the Flux book of your choice. Send questions to questions at fluxnow dot com.

To download the podcast:

AAC (iPod friendly) version: Right click here and select 'Save as.' (Clicking on the link will prompt the file to launch in iTunes.)

MP3 version: Right click here and select 'Save as.' (Clicking on the link will prompt the file to launch in iTunes or Windows Media Player.)

Next month: We look at our June releases, answer questions, and introduce a new segment: 60 Seconds of Fame!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eye on Flux

Yes, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the new blog for EYE ON FLUX, our brand spanking new podcast. This change marks a new direction for the Flux Blog. Where in the past we were a repository for Flux news, interesting stories from the world of publishing, and the occasionally bizarre random musings of Flux’s acquiring editors (I include my Esteemed Predecessor on that), the launch of the podcast brings a new feel and tone for the blog.

This space will now be the “go to” source for everything having to do with the podcast. We’ll have a link whereby you can download it. You’ll be able to stream it directly from the site. We’ll have supplemental information on everything you hear in the podcast. And it’s all FREE!

And just so you still get your fix for all the latest Flux news, there’s always the OTHER Flux blog on our main Web site:, maintained by the always entertaining Tricia O’Reilly. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out what Tricia’s doing over there.

Here’s the skinny on what this podcast-thingy is all about:

  • The podcast will occur monthly (for the foreseeable future).
  • I (Brian) will be hosting the podcast (for those with an insatiable desire to learn what I sound like).
  • We’ll highlight forthcoming books from our catalogs via author interviews.
  • We’ll answer Listener Burning Questions and give free books away.
  • We’ll have discussions about the world of young adult literature, we’ll have special guests, we’ll have fun.
  • For the time being, EYE ON FLUX is ONLY available here. We anticipate having distribution on iTunes in the near future.
  • Look for the first edition later this week.

Spread the word! Go forth my pretties! Make blog posts and send e-mails. Make sure that everyone has their eye on Flux!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's been mighty quiet 'round these parts, I reckon. Must be a good reason for that.

Well, boy howdy, there is! You might be seeing a few changes at the ole Flux Blog in the near future. Kind of a "re-imaginin'" like them thar Hollywood folks like to say.

Best put the kettle on, kick your feet up, and keep your eye on Flux, ya hear?