Friday, May 18, 2007

Good-Review Friday

Kliatt had much love for Carrie Jones' Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend and Brian Yansky's Wonders of the World.

Claire Rosser writes that Wonders is "Grim and realistic" and that "Yansky is a fine writer who masters a complicated narrative." She also echoes my sentiments when she says of Carrie Jones, "It's good to have her talent in the field." Don't worry, there's much more of Carrie to come.

I also worry that Claire is getting a warped sense of Flux's books, given that our books made her write "lovers, yes--lovers," "pretty much a prostitute," and "life as a porn star" in her summaries. Hopefully, she'll get to review the entirely wholesome and morally upstanding Epoch, which just came in yesterday.

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