Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What do you do when you're not writing?

Of course, no one writes all the time, and lots of authors have other careers, even hobbies. But I think Alex Richards may be the only author I know whose preferred leisure activity makes writing books for teenagers seem pretty sensible. You see, Alex makes amateur zombie movies in New York City with several friends under the banner of Potato Riot Films. And I think you should all watch a couple. (The Seance features Alex in two roles and she gets strangled, but The Experiment and its sequel really show her emotional range. And she gets strangled.)

Warning: "Amateur" does not mean they don't have fairly gruesome brain-eating special effects.

So, what do you do when you're not writing?


Anonymous said...

Nothing as cool and filming zombie movies, BUT
I write and direct plays for kids (with child actors.)
I also take care of my son full-time, do humanitarian projects, and basically get into mischief wherever I go. Did I spell mischief wrong? =9

Anonymous said...

above anon= heidi.

Sam said...

Much of my time is spent learning how to be the dad instead of the kid. I also design software.

Brian Mandabach said...

myspace. rotfl

Brian Mandabach said...

And, like Sam, fathering takes up a lot of my time. Also reading.

In the summer, it's hard to remember what life is like when I'm teaching. I'm so busy in the summer, but I don't have bells keeping me on task and on time, which is tough on a guy with ADD since the executive functions of my mind are underdeveloped. lol, but true!

But, good or bad, another big thing I do when not writing is what I'm doing now: playing on the computer. The flip side of attention deficit is hyper-focus, and hours can go by either writing or in other mindless pursuits such as reading or websurfing. :-)

alexgirl said...

Andrew, you flatter me!
As we speak, I am transferring footage onto the computer from our latest masterpiece. It's a Christmas slasher, so I probably won't post it till the appropriate season!
And what else do I do when I'm not writing? Cook, watch as much live music as possible (just saw Travis which was amazing), and constantly search for part time jobs. I'm definitely NOT an adult.