Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Here's a plot twist, free for the taking

NPR's Day to Day has a piece on a high school that searched a student's phone for evidence that he had been smoking. When they found something, naturally they followed the trail of incriminating texts to other students. The privacy rights implications are interesting, but I rather like the dramatic implications. One teenager tells this story:
"She knew that [phone confiscation] had been happening to a lot of her friends, so she smashed [her phone] rather than give it up," he says. "It's not like they have any justification for it at all. … I'd probably break my phone, too."


Brian Mandabach said...

That would be a good plan if you found that there was gps tracking on your phone, too.

Or if there were a subway, BART, or El train nearby, leave your phone there, and light out for the territory! Hey, nobody use that one--it's mine for fictional purposes: you leave your phone on the El, and all night long it just goes round and round the Loop!

Sam Hranac said...

Maybe I can use these ideas to talk my kid into being happy with his cheap came-with-the-service cell phone.