Monday, February 18, 2008

RHOMBUS in the news

Varian Johnson's been busy. He just did a signing in Austin, and he's headed off to the South Carolina Book Festival next to be on a panel.

He also got some good home-town coverage for his book, My Life as a Rhombus. The State, Columbia South Carolina's newspaper had this nice write up.

There's one bit in the article that bugs me, though. Referring to Varian's novel, the reporter writes, "It’s a big change from the wand-twirling, potion-conjuring antics of Harry Potter." I don't fault the reporter too much for perpetuating the persistent myth that all teenage reading is a function of Harry Potter, because it is such a common sentiment, but as someone who works with contemporary YA books of all sorts and their authors every day, I find this just a little irksome. You never see write-ups about adult novels where the reporter says "It's a big change from conspiracy-theorizing, Da Vinci-dramatizing of Dan Brown."

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Keri said...

I know press coverage is important when you're promoting a book but I've pretty much given up on reading articles on young adult books written by non-librarians or publishing insiders. That line is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.