Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prom pictures

If my senior picture didn't slake your freakish thirst for the 90s, then head over to Carrie Jones' blog, where prom pictures abound.

And speaking of the 90s, complete episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 are available on the CBS web site. My wife and I watched fifteen minutes of episode 010 (which I'd seen, of course, because I watched the show, but she hadn't because she was that kind of kid), and it was shockingly terrible and familiar at the same time. I may continue to watch, though, because I'm sure there's an episode where Dylan is reading Byron ("Mad, bad, and dangerous to know") in his Porsche, and that's just too hilarious. (Thanks Bookshelves of Doom.)


Brian said...

I'm sorry, let me understand this: you can stomach 90210 but getting through Buffy is hard on you?

lindsey said...

Or you could tivo 90210 on soapnet and watch an episode everyday for months. Not that I, you know, do that.