Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another great review for The Shape of Water

I loved The Shape of Water immoderately and immediately, but I know it's not necessarily an easy book, which is why I am so thrilled that reviewers and bloggers are loving it and recognizing its rewards. Here's a bit of the latest from SLJ:

"... this story is riveting, and Spollen's incredibly descriptive prose creates images as clear and alive as those of a master painter."

The whole thing is as positive as the earlier Kirkus review.


A.S. King said...

I couldn't agree more with all the love this book is getting. It's fabulous.

Mindy Hillel said...

When I started reading this book, I found it to be amazing, really, really amazing. I felt an actual physical sense of being pulled into the prose. The writing is easily on an award winning level even if the subject matter is tough. This proves that tough subject matter works just fine in the hands of a master. My favorite YA book ever.

Alice said...

This book has one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen. I would hang it on my wall.