Friday, November 21, 2008

Today I am a man.

Another rite of passage at the helm of Flux: I acquired my first book!

OK, truth be told, I've acquired my first FOUR books. They all sort of happened at once.

It leaves me searching for a metaphor or simile. I want to say I feel like I've inherited this wealth of books (Flux's backlist and everything Andrew acquired for the next year and a half) and now I've got a chance to honor that inheritance by spreading my wings and starting my own--

And it's about there I realize that's a horrible simile. That's not even "first draft" bad. That's "I swear I wasn't on hallucinogens at the time I said it but it would have been nice to be able to claim that because, seriously, there's no justification for anyone who is clear of thought to be stringing that set of words together" bad.

Let's just leave it at this: I'm thrilled. Thrilled that I get to continue working with the authors with whom my esteemed predecessor forged relationships. Thrilled that I've had the pleasure to make a few fun discoveries on my own and add them to my literary harem (and the horrible metaphors continue...Bad editor! Bad!). I should just stop. And I will.

Please join me in welcoming Heath Gibson, Ed Briant, and Karen Kincy to the Flux family! Their stuff made me giddy with happiness and you'll be seeing why in 2010.


A.S. King said...

Welcome New Flux Authors! And congratulations, Brian, on squishing so many nasty similes/metaphors into one blog post - uh - no - I mean congratulations on acquiring your first books! That must be a great buzz! May it long continue.

Andrew Karre said...

Congratulations. It's addictive.

Debbie Reed Fischer said...

When I first read "Today I am a man" I thought my comment would be along the lines of "Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah, Brian." Instead may I say congrats on the new acquisitions! And welcome, new Fluxians! :) deb

Kirstin Cronn-Mills said...

Congrats, Brian. Welcome, new authors!

Karen Kincy said...

Thank you, everybody! Brian, your post makes me laugh. So now I'm a Fluxian, eh? :)


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