Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eye on Flux: May 2009 edition

Overview: With the first podcast down, we sally forth with our May edition, featuring interviews with three authors, a peak into the Flux mailbag, and a new segment called 60 Seconds of Fame.

Interview: Jeremy Craig, author of THE STRAITS

We talk to Jeremy about his debut YA novel and its eerily prescient correlation to a recent article in the New York times. Jeremy also shares some of his favorite literary figures and discusses how his writing relates to his current status as film school graduate student.

For more information, check out Jeremy's web site:

Interview: Gillian Summers, author of THE SECRET OF THE DREAD FOREST

Berta Platas and Michelle Roper don the pseudonym of Gillian Summers to write the Faire Folk Trilogy, the concluding volume of which comes out in June. Berta and Michelle offer a preview of what's to come in the series, give their insight on working with a writing partner, and talk about their attraction to renaissance festivals.

For more information, check out Gillian's web site:

Flux Mailbag: I answer questions sent in by listeners relating to the types of books we do at Flux and whether or not I read every submission we receive.

Send your questions for the Flux Mailbag to questions at fluxnow dot com. Each month, I'll randomly select a few questions to answer and if yours appear on the podcast, I'll send you the Flux book of your choice!

60 Seconds of Fame: A.S. King, author of THE DUST OF 100 DOGS, joins us to launch a brand new segment on the podcast where authors sit on the hot seat for 60 seconds and compete for valuable prizes (i.e. bragging rights for being the reigning champ of 60 Seconds of Fame).

To download the podcast:

AAC (iPod friendly) version: Right click here and select 'Save as.' (Clicking on the link will prompt the file to launch in iTunes.)

MP3 version: Right click here and select 'Save as.' (Clicking on the link will prompt the file to launch in iTunes or Windows Media Player.)

Next month: We'll talk to Micol and David Ostow, the sister-brother writing team behind Flux's first hybrid graphic novel, SO PUNK ROCK (AND OTHER WAYS TO DISAPPOINT YOUR MOTHER) and our special guest will be Elizabeth Burns, librarian/blogger extraordinaire who will discuss her recent tenure on the Printz award committee.


Weronika said...

Great podcast--the interviews are very insightful, and the two websites are great sources of info (though radically different).

Thank you!

A.S. King said...

Hey! That was cool! But man...21? I was SO SLOW. I want a rematch one day.

Thanks again for having me. Can't wait to see the crew at BEA on Friday!