Friday, March 9, 2007

The New Blue

It would not be an exaggeration to say Blue is for Nightmares made Flux (and my job) possible. Laurie Faria Stolarz's book and it's sequels have been a great success for us as company, and they've paved the way for future teen books from Llewellyn and now Flux.

Laurie's books, like so many successful teen books, have an unbelievably loyal and creative following among readers. Occasionally, Laurie's fan mail gets misdirected to me, and it's always fun to read. Not only do they write to thank Laurie, but they're inspired to write creatively themselves. Laurie's received many poems, stories, spells, and pictures over the years, and recently we've been trying to come up with ways that we could say thanks to the fans and shine some of the spotlight on their work.

And so the New Blue was born. This fall, we're re-releasing Blue is for Nightmares with a sexy new cover (I liked the old one, but, frankly, I think the book deserves a more exciting candle) and 24 pages of extras, including an in depth interview with Laurie and a twelve-page book of spells and poems submitted by fans as part of contest we've launched. Click here or click the sidebar picture for details. There are, of course, loads of fabulous prizes. (If you don't feel like writing a spell or a poem, you can still win prizes. Just go to the entry page and type the name of your favorite character in the spell box. You'll be entered to win. )

We're very excited to be able to involve all of Laurie's fans in this new edition of her best-selling book.

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Oh, I entered before the post clarified that it had to be 100 words or fewer. Let me know if I have to reenter.