Monday, March 19, 2007

This just makes me laugh

From the New York Times, we have the latest on the Bong Hits for Jesus case. I love it when very old, serious, "dignified" people argue about teenage behavior. In fact it may be my favorite thing in the world right now.

It's hard to pick the best part of this particular specimen. Is it this from Stephen Bryer? "We'll suddenly see people testing limits all over the place in the high schools." (Horrors!) Or is it this from David Souter? "What if a student held a small sign in a Shakespeare class with the same message Frederick used? If the kids look around and they say, well, so and so has got his bong sign again? They then return to Macbeth. Does the teacher have to, does the school have to tolerate that sign in the Shakespeare class?'' (Shakespeare class? That's the one after elocution and before Greek, right?)

Either way, it's nice to see that the Supreme Court is watching out for good classroom discipline in "Shakespeare class" and that anyone who was planning on testing limits in high school better watch out; SCOTUS is on the case.

And then Scalia has T-shirt suggestions for Leila over at Bookshleves of Doom.

"Justice Antonin Scalia, ridiculing the notion that schools should have to tolerate speech that seems to support illegal activities, asked about a button that says, ''Smoke Pot, It's Fun.''
Or, he wondered, should the court conclude that only speech in support of violent crime can be censored. 'Extortion Is Profitable,' that's okay?' Scalia asked."

I'd wear the second one.


Alex Richards said...

I love that. The whole thing. Brilliant. Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you know the Supreme Court is really lookin' out.

zeelibrarian said...

I didn't see how to email you, but I just wanted to say hey! I am a teen librarian so I am interested in your blog. Maybe some time you can check my blog out. I write about teen issues and librarianship a lot.