Friday, August 3, 2007

Lots of new books and some required reading

It's a milestone for Flux--actually several milestones. First, I've had to reorganize my shelves to accommodate all the books we've got out. That's a pain, but I'll live. Painless milestones include:

1. The arrival of SummerDanse, the final book in the DragonSpawn cycle of Terri Garrison. Our first complete series!

2. As one series closes, another begins. The Tree Shepherd's Daughter by Gillian Summers arrived today. It's the first book of The Faire Folk Trilogy.

3. Also landing on my desk today was the trade paperback edition of Christine Kole MacLean's award-winning How It's Done. This is Flux's first trade paperback reprint edition, and that's pretty darn exciting in and of itself.

4. I've also got The Second Virginity of Suzy Green, the smart, charming YA debut from New Zealand-based author Sara Hantz, marking our first release from the southern hemisphere.

5. The final book in Linda Joy Singleton's The Seer series, Fatal Charm, is hitting stores now. This book was published under Llewellyn (the series predates Flux), but I acquired it, and I am very excited to have seen this series grow and gain a devoted following. I'm also excited to announce that Flux will be publishing Linda's next series beginning next fall. Seer fans will not be disappointed.

6. Finally, I want to draw your attentions to an imminent release from Llewellyn that may be interesting reading for anyone inclined to write about goth characters. Goth Craft by Raven Digitalis is not only an exhaustive study of "The Magical Side of Dark Culture" but it's a great resource for firsthand and respectful information on all the finer points of the goth subculture (with photos). Raven is not far from his teenage years, so his account of all the different ways of expressing goth identity (trust me, you have no idea how many ways there are) is really interesting from a YA point of view. No more cookie-cutter Marilyn Manson fans!

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Raven said...

Aww, you rock, Andrew!! Cheers ^_^