Thursday, August 30, 2007

Party! Party! Party!

Hi all. This is Brian, Flux publicist.

When Andrew gave me broad and sweeping powers to be able to post on the blog, little did I suspect I would ever use them. I was tempted. He was out of town recently and I gave serious thought to doing a series of articles about the inner workings of Flux and Andrew's brain. He was offline so there was no way he could stop me. Like Albus Dumbledore, the heady aroma of power washed over me and I visualized an army of rabid blog minions, beating a cybernetic path to our virtual door, all descending upon the blog for the latest dirt on what makes an acquisitions editor tick. But, also like Dumbledore, I knew I wasn't cut out for the burden of power and I gave up my diabolical plans. (And, really, incurring Andrew's wrath is not on my TO DO list for today.)

But I digress.

I'm actually here to tell you that Sara Hantz, the lovely and talented author of THE SECOND VIRGINITY OF SUZY GREEN, is having a launch party for her debut novel over on her blog. Several other YA authors are there for her, offering free books as prizes for stopping by and commenting (winners to be chosen at random). So swing by, find out a bit more about Sara's new book, and say 'hi.' She's dying to get to know you!


Anonymous said...

thanks! that book looks great (we have the same agent.)

i love the little cherries.

okay that sounded kinda gross. i'll just go see her blog.

also, check out my blog today: i'm interviewing ms. jennifer laughran, book seller extraordinaire--mr. andrew is coming on soon as well.

Sara Hantz said...

Thanks Brian..... the party is in full swing... who new cyber parties could be such fun???

Brian Mandabach said...

No, matter, Brian. Mr. Karre's inner workings couldn't be funner than Sara's gig.