Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A blog to watch

It's possible that "announcing" that Heidi R. Kling's Sea Heidi Write blog is interesting and very active is akin to "announcing" that chocolate is kinda good--true, but it goes without saying.

Anyway, she's recently launched into a series of interviews, including one time Flux interviewee, Jennifer Laughran of NYMBC. Heidi asks Jennifer questions about Muppets that apparently I neglected to ask. And, today, she posted a Muppet-centric interview with Carrie Jones, that also strays onto the topic of Patrick Swayze and 80s Cold-War paranoia shoot-'em-up Red Dawn (true confessions: I've never seen Red Dawn. Somehow, I never managed to be over at the house of a friend who had a VCR at the right time, and by the time we got a VCR, it wasn't interesting anymore).


literaticat said...

heidi is hysterical.

sometimes she makes me feel tired, though -- so much energy!

Anonymous said...

is it possible to say i love you, andrew?

wait till your interview comes up.

just wait.


and jen, please. you have more energy than anyone i know. well, okay, maybe i have more. you should have seen me in the boys vs. girls water fight in the pool yesterday. me and a 2-year old girl in a water boat on one team--my son and his rowdy 4-6 year old friends on the other. i was armed with only a green bucket. needless to say, we kicked major a$$

Anonymous said...

oh, but dear andrew, let's not forget middle initial R

heidi kling is an actress from the mighty ducks
heidi r. king is moi

Anonymous said...

nice r add! did you see my response on my blog yet?? =)