Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some slight changes

Some technical sleight of hand by one our IT wizards has done for the Flux blogs what Einstein wanted to do for physics. We are unified. One blog to rule them all. Okay, that's probably a bit grandiose, but I'm happy all the same. Fluxnow.com and fluxnow.blogspot.com now share the same source and the same comments (rather than being a shoddy cut and paste job by me). If you've been reading the blog at fluxnow.com and you want to add an RSS feed, you can use this code.

And, for some book-related news, mosey on over to Cynsations for an interview with Carrie Jones. Carrie is also one of the many bloggers chiming in on the mayor of San Diego's recent change of heart. It provides an interesting contrast to the horror/hilarity of the oft-quoted bit of Iranian president Ahmanedijad's Columbia U. address.

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Anonymous said...

your #1 commenter is back from europe! loved the carrie interview--thanks for the tip, oh and check out my blog today if you haven't already--you may be interested. crazy stuff.