Friday, September 7, 2007

Reviews for Friday

We got a nice assortment of reviews for some new books this week.

Booklist found precocious pretensions in Brian Mandabach's narrator in Or Not (which is good, because he definitely put them there), but said “…teens will gradually find themselves absorbed by Cassie’s life, and empathize with her struggles." Kliatt was similarly captivated by Cassie's beauty and strength: “[The] strength is in the character of Cassie, a brilliant young teenager who is the object of scorn and bullying in her middle school.” I can sympathize with these reviewers. Cassie Sullivan is one of the most maddening and endearing narrators I've ever had the pleasure to meet--and this is exactly why I knew we needed to publish the book. She jumps off the page.

Kliatt also weighed in on Running with the Wind, John Foley's sequel to Hoops of Steel, which Kliatt praised as "an ideal selection for sports fiction aimed at older teens.” They said of the follow up, "Readers will learn to sail with [Jackson], and understand the great appeal of the sea as it tests an individual. . . . [T]he author is a high school teacher who understands young men and athletics.”

Finally, party-girl Sara Hantz has her Second Virginity of Suzy Green under the microscope at Kliatt. Results are positive. "The topics addressed here--sexuality, friendship, family relationships--all add depth to the plot and should be fodder for discussion"

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congrats on the reviews, and if anyone is interested in which muppet mr. karre most identifies with, come see his interview up now at:

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