Thursday, April 24, 2008

Band Geekery and cool connections

School Library Journal has launched a new twice-monthly e-newsletter called SLJTeen, and it's got a very cool local connection. The teen reviewers come from a local ALA teen reading group that I've had the enormous pleasure to work with occasionally. So, I'm extremely pleased that the first review of the new newsletter is of Josie Bloss's debut Band Geek Love. It's a review with the unmistakable critical accuity of a real teen reader (in this case, 15 year old Sara M.):

"This is a cute story, though by no means is it groundbreaking. But what it lacks in originality, it makes up for in a memorable cast of characters that jump off the page. The story moves quickly, and it doesn't take half of the book for the Ellie, the main character, to meet the guy that she falls for, which seems to be the custom in other teenage romance novels."
It's a good review, and we're thrilled to be featured in this new venture from SLJ. Sign up (it's free; just scroll down past the part about the magazine to email newsletters)!


Little Willow said...

Very cool! I see an option for a free 30-day trial, but not a forever-free option.

Dodie said...

I'm sorry if the SLJ subscription site is confusing - and that SLJ Teen is a little buried at the moment. BUT - you should be able to go to, click on Newsletter tab at the top, click on Subscribe, and pick which of SLJ's enewsletters you would like to subscribe to - Extra Helping (2x a week) - PreS-Gr 9, mostly; Curriculum Connections (all grades, geared toward teacher/librarian collaborations); and SLJTeen.