Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kudos for Shoup and DeKeyser

Two authors writing at opposite ends of the teen age spectrum received excellent reviews today (reviews which, in their phrasing, almost feel like they were written by the same person).

Booklist just sent along a great review for Barbara Shoup's Everything You Want. Some highlights:

"What could have been a predictably moralistic tale becomes, thanks to Shoup’s rich characterizations and Emma’s dry wit, a surprisingly moving portrait of a young woman’s efforts to find and accept herself. [. . .] From the cover to the intricately entwined relationships that drive the story, Shoup delivers clever details that call to mind Joan Bauer’s humor and humanism."

And The Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books offers this on Stacy DeKeyser's Jump the Cracks:

"DeKeyser crafts what could be a contrived scenario with step-by-step credibility, and the linkage between Victoria’s own parental disappointments and her dismay over the boy’s mother’s indifference is an effective motivator that’s overtly but not heavy handedly outlined. The book’s acknowledgment that good solutions can be tough to achieve is bracingly realistic [. . . . ] With a combination of lively adventure and humane treatment of its characters, this is an absorbing and emotionally effective read, suitable for those looking to move up from the oeuvre of Willo Davis Roberts."

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A.S. King said...

I just finished Jump the Cracks and loved it.
Can't wait to read Everything You Want.