Friday, October 26, 2007

The best overview of the query and acquisitions process ever

(Warning, I'm feeling a little sarcastic and cynical. But hey, it's Friday, so take it as intended . . .)

I've seen the Godfather many times, but until this day it never occured to me what an excellent illustration its memorable opening scene is of the query and acquisitions process in book publishing.

Bonasera's "query" to Don Vito is actually really great (query letter writers take note of its deceptive simplicity and brevity--how could anyone say no?), but alas his timing is off (as it so often is) because Don Vito's on his way to a meeting. In the end, however, the arrangement works out, though not for the project as proposed, and Bonasera has no idea what Don Vito has in store for him later.

Next time I do a talk on submissions, I'm using this. (And yes, I always have a cat on my lap when I'm talking to authors.)

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