Friday, October 26, 2007

Join in the discussion . . .

Varian Johnson has the makings of an interesting discussion over at his blog. An anonymous commenter wrote this in response to a blurb from Ellen Wittlinger:

"Without a bit of preaching..." - Why is it whenever anyone dares to take an unpopular position on a controversial moral topic in our society, their ideas are described as didactic, dogmatic, preachy, or any other apparently negative label? With all the destructive sexual activities and misinformation plaguing young adults in America, it would be immensely helpful if those with the power of the pen would use their gift to steer some attitudes in the right direction rather than be content with "keeping it real".
I think this is an important (and well worn) question for YA authors to be thinking about--though I suspect I want them to answer it much differently than Anonymous does. I'd love to see more people's comments on this comment.

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Anonymous said...

that is interesting (and i like your picture of a soap box). i think many authors write about 'topics' and the ones that handle them well get their point across while staying true to their characters and their story for example, i think john green, in LOOKING FOR ALASKA, makes excellent points about drinking and driving and the power of forgiveness without being preachy and overly obvious. i'm happy anonymous popped on and revealed his i.d. and was open to discussion. a worthy topic for sure.