Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New books!

October is here and so we've passed the official release dates of a couple new books, including a first for Flux.

Christine Kole MacLean's YA debut How It's Done is now available in paperback. Christine's gorgeous novel was a BookSense Pick, as well as a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age.

Jon Ripslinger's latest novel, Last Kiss, is a dark mystery and it's on shelves now, too.

The prolific and multitalented Nina Wright has a sequel to her Homefree out now. It's called Sensitive, and aside from being a great, ghostly story, it's got one of my favorite covers.

Finally, everyone should check out Brian Mandabach's debut novel Or Not. Not only is it stunning piece or writing and imagination with one of the most maddening and endearing heroines I've ever read, but Brian is an author very close to the world of his main character. He's an eighth grade teach and wrote his novel with extensive feedback from his students and former students. Check out his MySpace page for their no-holds-barred comments.

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