Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kliatt Co-Founder Doris Hiatt

The most recent issue of KLIATT landed on my desk today and it has lovely obituary by editor Claire Rosser for KLIATT co-founder Doris Hiatt, who passed away in early October. As far as I can tell, it's not online anywhere, so I'm linking to this Boston Globe obituary, which features some of Claire's thoughts. It's worth tracking down the magazine, though.

I didn't know anything about KLIATT before I started this job (and until reading the obit today, the name of the magazine was a mystery to me, as I suspect it is to a lot of readers and authors who see it on back covers), but I've come to appreciate the comprehensive coverage of teen books that they provide. KLIATT is not the biggest or the flashiest of book publications by a long shot and I have certainly cursed a few KLIATT reviews, but in its thoroughness and its commitment to making all sorts of teen books accessible to librarians, KLIATT makes a significant contribution to the world of teen literature and we're better off for the creation of Doris Hiatt and Celeste Klein.

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