Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We got a nice batch of positive reviews from Kliatt today.

Of The Tree Shepherd's Daughter, they write: "Summers's book is one of those remarkable tales in which the reader becomes completely immersed. . . . [It] will be enjoyed not only in its own right , but will also have readers eagerly anticipating books two and three in this promising trilogy."

"Jimmy and Jen are complicated, sympathetic characters and Buchanan allows them to carry the story," says the reviewer about Paul Buchanan's Snapshots.

John Ripslinger's Last Kiss is "a page turner [that] keeps the reader engrossed with suspenseful scenes full of danger as he gets closer to finding the truth. The reader will be kept guessing into the last chapter."

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Brian Mandabach said...

Right on! Very good ink. Kudos to all three.