Monday, July 14, 2008

Another good notice for Girl, Hero

Girl, Hero
Charlotte's Library has a great entry about Girl, Hero, in which she identifies a little-recognized benefit of Carrie's novels:

"That being said, here’s another reason why I am going to try to get my
boys to read the works of Carrie Jones. She writes the nicest high
school boys ever (in this book, it’s Paolo, who’s cool and sweet and
understanding), and I want my sons to be that nice too."

True, but why, if Carrie is capable of such great boys (and she is), is her one super-bad boy named Andrew?


Anonymous said...

He is not my only super-bad boy, Andrew. Maybe he's just the one you relate to the most?

Kidding! Kidding!!!!

Thanks for posting about the reviews. I wouldn't know about most of them if it wasn't for you and B. So, thanks a lot. You've made the life of a writer much MUCH better than the life of a politician.

A.S. King said...

This is so true. I still daydream about Tom Tanner.