Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kudos confirmed for Spollen and Shoup

Librarian and blogger Lisa Chellman has a clever take on blog reviewing. She writes: 'These days, I choose the vast majority of my books based on blog recommendations—i.e., books that have probably been reviewed multiple times on various widely read blogs. I feel like I'd just be saying, "Ditto, ditto, ditto."' So she's posting some of her recent reading and her favorites reviews for them, including the Shape of Water and Everything You Want.

Everything You Want"[Everything You Want] about each character searching out what they truly want in spite of—rather than because of—the new money in their lives. For Emma, a college freshman who's never dated (her closest experience hither-to resulted in her getting punched in the face), it's about groping her way into the future and, she hopes, finding love along the way—universal themes in spite of extraordinary circumstances. Also, did I mention that much of the dialogue is downright hilarious?"

Shape of Water
"I wasn't sure what to expect. And even if I'd been told what to expect, I don't think it would have prepared me for what I found. To say that this book is about grief and moving beyond grief isn't sufficient. It took me by surprise with its strangeness and beauty and glimpses of humor amid the darkness."


Heather said...

Hi Andrew,
I apologize for contacting you via your blog. I was looking at your class about revising young adult novels at the Loft and had a question for you ... couldn't find an email link, but I did see the link to your blog. At any rate, I've got about 200 pages done on my novel right now, and I'll probably have another 72 pages or so by the time the class starts. I'm thinking my first draft will be long ... I'm shooting for under 500 pages, but we'll see. I have the whole book mapped out and have been pondering it for a year and a half ... does that count as a "substantially conceived YA novel"? I'm hoping to attend a conference in December in California with a finished manuscript, and I'd like to know as much as I can beforehand. I think taking your class could really benefit me, but I'm unsure if the quantity of my work qualifies for your class. Could you email me? heatherzenzen @

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